Top Teen Jewelry Trends for 2017

The year 2017 is still a mystery in a box.


We are skeptical about the world politics, the economy, prospects of our careers, let alone resolving our personal lives. Regardless of what a new day brings in, we still wake up, shower and get dressed. Day in and day out, we will open our closets and find the best outfit for the day. We put on our best attire and head out to the door.


Some of us find it torpid or take that extra time in the morning to rethink our fashion choices and try to enhance ‘the look’ with the right jewelry. That being said, this post is for women and teen girls who want to stay ahead in the game with the latest trends in jewelry. We all know that jewelry has been worn to pull together an outfit with a finished look and of course to raise our self-confidence - high five! Indeed, stylish women or fashionistas feel naked when not wearing earrings or pendants.


Your jewelry reflects your personal style. So, it must be chosen according to your outfit, body shape and of course- your taste. But before that let’s go through some latest trends in the jewelry.

  • Chains - You might think this is no longer in trend because you’ve seen it too much last year. With chains, lot of variations and designs are possible with an indefinite number of interlinked safety pins to different shapes, sizes and colors. To name a few in the trending items; palm bracelets, chain earrings, chokers, belts etc.
  • Hoops - These can never get old! They are trending on the runways as well as on the street markets. Geometric forms, tribal designs and embellished ones have taken the market by storm.
  • Ear cuffs - These ones have been around for quite some time. It needs impeccable taste to choose the best ear cuffs, but they look best with evening gowns or dresses with side buns.
  • Crystals - This trend is most likely to flourish this year. Statement necklaces with the crystals or the simple chains with pointed crystals are going to be the most preferred jewelry item this year.
    • Bracelets - women’s fashion bracelets in 2017 will be made of silver. This trend is closely interwined with other jewelry items, especially with thinned-threads with beads, crystals or chains. The popularity of handmade bracelets are going to steal the show this year.


    After seasons of larger-than-face statement knick knacks, teens nowadays are downsizing for minimal jewelry like pretty rose gold things, skinny cuffs, chokers and layers of thin rings. Though tiny in size, these accessories are still making impact - with daily wear as well as on runways.


    Some handy tips for teens:


    • Avoid wearing any jewelry and accessories when you wear sports clothing or for sport events.
    • During summer time, it is better to abandon the precious stones and metals, giving preference to cheap minerals, wood, plastic and coral.
    • Use simple accessories when going for group studies or an evening walk. You shouldn't wear expensive jewelry like solid gold, diamond or platinum.
    • Watches can be worn with evening dress.
    • Try not to combine big hoop earrings with bracelets. Minimal is the key.
    • Accessories decorated with stones, sequins, rhinestones, pearl should be worn only in the evening.
    • If you’re going to wear big printed dress, avoid too much jewelry.
    • If you’re wearing a big necklace, you shouldn’t use big earrings. The same goes for massive bracelets and rings. Face and neck areas should have only one bright accent and same goes with the hands.
    • If you want to enhance your image with the bright brooch, you neck should be unadorned.


    You should always pay attention to the fact, that whenever getting ready, your image should have at least one bright detail. Accessories have a great way to dilute the dull blouses or dresses, and you can easily play with the attire, adding handmade bracelets or aristocratic earrings to it. Whether it is a wedding or a birthday of your best friend, wearing too much jewelry can make you a reason of giggles at the party. You don’t want that- Right? 


    In jewelry, nothing is a taboo or out-dated. You can match everything or anything. A trend that is great to mix and match various colors of gold - sometimes jewelers even do that in a single piece - white, rose, and gold.


    Just be careful not to overdo it, do not wear too many statement pieces on top of each other: a cocktail ring and a cuff bracelet will not go together. If you’ve found your grandma’s earrings too cute and goes well with your prom dress, then you may steal the show just by going vintage and chic at same time - who knows you can win the title of ‘Miss Prom.’


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