Festival Looks That Can’t Fail

Every fashion magazine covered the latest style trends at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in California. These musicians, actors, actresses, artists, and even the regular professional arrived in a purely relaxed and romantic style – with an edge.

Keeping up with the trends can be exhausting and expensive. The bonus of this summer’s festival look is that it’s completely open to personal interpretation. It’s all about showcasing individual style and combining a few pieces that are hot on the runways and festival scene.

Whether you’re combining short shorts with boots, off-the-shoulder tank and a brightly colored set of hoop earring or going for the more feminine style of long floral skirts and lace, the festival vibes this year are playful and personal.

The festival fashion highlights this year are:

  1. Lace and lace cut outs
  2. Bold colors and metallics
  3. Statement jewelry and hats
  4. Bare shoulders
  5. Floral patterns

Flowers and lace are not in my current wardrobe, but this year’s bolder floral patterns and lace cutouts makes a great case to switch up the look for the summer.

When I’m shopping for jewelry, I usually play it safe and select pieces that are versatile and understated. Checking out the new pieces this season, I’m ready to cross to the colorful side. Adding a few bright colors, larger accents or even body jewelry change the look of the clothes you’ve had in your closet for last few seasons. Update your wardrobe with a few statement pieces that touch on this year’s colors – bright pink, yellow, metallic, royal blue and crisp white.


My favorite fashion trend this summer is the return of the hat. They have been an obsession of mine since I used to toddle over and steal my grandfather’s fedora. The summer’s variety of floppy or studded hats - even a daisy chain crown - vamps up the fashion game.

Boost your look with one statement piece or combine a few lower key items to make a fresh look for this summer. Keep it simple and fun and it will reflect the summer fashion trends.

You don’t have to go full on Kendall Jenner with exposure that leaves little to the imagination. Start simple. Add floral pattern in your shoes or sandals. Buy the hat that enhances your femininity. Get some metalics in your wardrobe – not just your jewelry box.


By Melissa Bitter

Freelance Writer

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