Eco-Friendly Jewelry Brands You Need To Know About

Jewelry is a staple accessory for many, and it is not often we think about where our jewelry has come from or the conditions it has been created and distributed in. Eco friendly jewelry is a step in the right direction towards encouraging a universal standard of rights for workers in the production of jewelry. But how do you know if a jewelry brand is eco friendly? To help you discover eco friendly brands and expand your jewelry collection, we’ve found 5 of the best.




Chopard is a luxury Swiss jewelry brand that organically sources all its stones. Chopard is a well known brand, admired globally for their work. Celebrity endorsements include a collaboration range with singer Rihanna. Rihanna Loves includes, simple and modern designs in glamorous gold and greens, conveying an

urban edge to sophisticated pieces.

Chopard are known to chapion social issues, evident in their charity work with Livia Firth and the Green Carpet Challenge. Chopard  aims to raise consumers 

awareness of the “often dismal reality of gold miners in the developing world”, leading the way in luxury brands following eco friendly jewelry production.


Thomas Sabo


Thomas Sabo is one of the world’s leading premium jewelry brands. They pride themselves on creating jewelry that is of a high quality and socially responsible in its production. Products are only manufactured in countries that comply with necessary employee protection standards. They are explicitly against any forms of child labour and ensure that any suppliers and partners sign an agreement that

complies with their code of ethics.

Thomas sabo’s trademark design is that of the classic 925 sterling look. With over 1,200 different designs there is something for everyone. Catering to men and women equally, their expressive and creative designs are constantly constantly new trends. Their ranges include glam and soul, targeting feminine elegance and featuring stone embellishments. The rebel at heart  collection caters to a more edgy and masculine style. Charm bracelets are a staple trend - a necessity for any jewelry enthusiast. Thomas Sabo’s karma beads come in a range of materials and colors. Each detailed bead can be worn with pride as it expresses each individual personality and style.



Delight London


Delight london is the ideal jewelry brand for fashionistas looking to stand out from the

crowd. Their unique designs include necklaces and bracelets made from recycled rubber bands - the most eco-friendly manufacturing you can get! This jewelry brand will add a London edge to your look, whether you choose to rock a bold rubber band look or a twinkle necklace.


Anne Bowes


Inspired by Venetian designs and incorporating old styles into new products, Anne Bowes recycles vintage jewelry and adapts them to reinvent different products and update her designs.

She creates unique designs and combines past styles with new innovations to cater to a range of styles and tastes. Bowes passion is clear in all of her designs, she states: “I create each piece myself, designing instinctively, inspired by the past and present. Delicate rosary like chains that I make from semi-precious and precious stones are one of my classic designs.” Her beaded necklaces are delicate and vintage, adding a touch of elegance to any look.




Lovebullets is a British conceptual brand with an ethos of recycling the old and making it new. The eco friendly brand uses bullet cases and combines them with crystals that are sourced and created in the UK. They turn the negative connotations of a bullet into a piece of wearable art that is admired as a subject of beauty. They are a festival favorite, initially launched in Glastonbury in 2008. The pendants have been sported on celebs including the likes of Lily Allen and pixie Geldof.





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