Boho Chic Accessories are Personal Expressions

I’ve been inspired by the floral, bold, and romantic Bohemian looks since Stevie Nicks strutted on stage in silhouettes of lace and flowing embroidered fabric.

I’m sure that reveals something about my age, but let me remind you that Bohemian fashion isn’t a trend. It’s timeless. Now, I’m not saying it hasn’t been re-vamped and there are not new and more modern ways to showcase the Bohemian style. While Stevie continues to rock the fringe and daring jewelry, so do new(er) comers like Kate Hudson, Selena Gomez and Chanel Iman.

With 2017 spring and summer seasons, women are working the shorts, cutouts and hats. The headbands, bangles and chunky heels accent the free-flow of the Bohemian trend. Mixed patterns, mixed metals and natural elements in jewelry and mixed textures bring Boho chic to the next level.

The beauty of the Bohemian style is that is so personal. You can go as extreme or minimal as you like. Pair fringed vest or purse with cut off denim shorts and over sized sunhat. Add to the edge with leather lace up sandals and sheer cut out paneled mini dress. Bohemian is about being carefree and in tune with your inner style. Putting that outward in your fashion allows others to get a glimpse of your inner confidence and playful nature.

Tips to add some Boho to your look this season:

  1. Layer different colored necklaces of varying lengths
  2. Fringe – one of the essential elements of Boho, add it in your purse, your vests, boots or dress
  3. Color – whether you add it in your sandals, your earrings or your headpieces, a pop of color adds that personal expression
  4. Florals – go with large patterns, an understated daisy crown or petite floral jewelry


By Melissa Bitter

Freelance Writer

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  • Love the ideas! Thanks Melissa! :)

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